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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Do you live in Orange, California? Particularly in the Old Town district, there are special challenges when it comes to Orange indoor air quality. Many of these buildings first broke ground prior to 1920.

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Air Duct Cleaning Company

Air Duct Cleaning Company

The Orange City in California is known for having well-preserved establishments from 1920s and even earlier than that period. Good thing for those old buildings because they were built with enormous ventilation.

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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

At Orange City, California, an interesting message found in the plaque at the base of the fountain located at the center of the Orange Plaza states that whoever passes in that area

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Air duct repair and maintenance service provider

Read on for the most reliable tips on air duct system maintenance. Fresh ideas and suggestions on how to keep your office clean and free of contaminants! Learn why air duct sealing is important!

How to keep your office clean

One of the reasons why working environments get contaminated is dirty air ducts and poorly maintained HVAC systems. Stuffy atmospheres could infect your respiratory system and, hence, air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance are both crucial procedures. Don't forget that offices “breathe” only through the air ducts.

Seal the air ducts

If the air ducts are not properly sealed, air will escape in different directions. Consequently and according to our special teams at Air Duct Cleaning in Orange, the HVAC unit won't reach the right temperatures and you'll pay for lost energy. Proceed with air duct seal repair.

You can use duct tape to help vacuum deeply into an air duct

For those who are having trouble reaching the duct in the ceiling or the ground, you can connect your broom and the end of the vacuum hose together in order to clean the more hard to reach place of an air duct.

Dangers of asbestos

If you live in a house that was built before the 1970s, your air ducts are likely to be made of asbestos. Asbestos, when released into the air and inhaled, can accumulate in your lungs and cause scarring and inflammation. Our experts recommend getting your air ducts professionally cleaned as they require specialized cleaning procedures.

There should be clearance of at least 2 feet on each side of the HVAC condenser unit

This will allow the exhaust air that comes out to get released freely. Any blockage will cause the unit and the entire HVAC system to perform less effectively and waste energy. Clean the free area around the unit regularly too. It should be free from leaves, twigs and other types of debris.

Consider air duct insulation as it can bring many benefits

The insulation will help to make the HAVC system more energy efficient. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of mold growing inside the air ducts as it helps to prevent condensation. For the insulation to work properly for a long time to come, it must be resistant to water damage and should be installed after all leaks in the ducts have been sealed.

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